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Take your apps, websites, and games to the next level with GreedyGame’s expertise of 9+ years. Leverage our solutions to boost your monetization and user acquisition effortlessly.

About us

About us

GreedyGame is a growth and monetization solution for apps, websites, and games. With our platform – PubScale – we help apps and websites scale seamlessly through our four products:

  • AdX for monetization.
  • GROW for user acquisition.
  • SDK X for ad revenue optimization.
  • INSIGHTS for ROAS analytics.
About us

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Monetize your apps, websites, and games with our platform. Use real-time bidding to make ad inventory available to multiple demand partners simultaneously and boost ad revenue.

Ad revenue optimization

Use the smart waterfall approach to optimize your ad revenue. Connect with multiple ad networks through mediation and achieve better fill rates and eCPMs.

AdMob Account optimization

Get assistance from our dedicated ad ops experts to optimize your AdMob account. Choose the right ad formats and placements, resolve policy violations, and boost revenue.

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User acquisition

Start acquiring users for your app at optimal costs. Run user acquisition campaigns across a global audience through our wide network of apps and affiliates.

Performance marketing

Leverage our platform to run CPI, CPR, CPL, and CPA campaigns at ease. Set up tracking, targeting, budget, and bids, and ensure a positive ROI on performance campaigns.

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